Methods of online survey distribution

There are many ways how to create a survey and distribute it online today; the most important thing is to select the method that is most convenient for a particular audience. Think about the most well-liked.

Using an Email

You will need the survey itself as well as the user email address database for this popular and easy method of distribution. The most important thing is to create a poll with an intriguing offer and letter title that draws the reader’s attention and piques their interest in participating in this study.

A social network

It is convenient, quick, and effective to conduct surveys and other tests on social networks due to their popularity and number of registered users. You can link to a third-party resource or use ready-made social networking services like polls embedded in social media publications.

QR code

A new and effective method of distributing information that has gained traction. A link to the platform with a pre-prepared survey is included in the QR code. Scanning the code is all the user needs to do. Because people who are interested in the product will unquestionably participate in the study, this method is convenient. 

Useful tips

Long questionnaires frequently bore the user, causing him to lose interest and either abandon the study or respond “at random.” If you start a question from a distance, the person will lose interest before the main section of the questionnaire is completed. Concentrating on the interviewee’s attention becomes more challenging the more questions you ask.

People are wary of any anonymous offers because there is a lot of spam and scams going around right now. It’s important to make the study unique by naming the company that is conducting it and the project for which it is being done.