The benefits of private tutoring for children

One of the biggest stresses a parent can face is ensuring their child gets the best education possible. This could mean choosing the right school or moving to a completely new area to find a more supportive community. The point is, parents get stressed easily when it comes to their child’s academic progression. This is where private tutoring may come into the picture. In a full class of 30, it is nearly impossible for one teacher to fully support their students on a one-to-one level. There are many reasons why a private tutor is beneficial for children. Below is a guide advised by a prep school for boys in Guildford on why it may be a good choice for your child.

Private tutoring allows students to get the full attention of a teacher on a one-to-one basis. 6 months of constant tutoring could improve a student’s learning by up to 2 grades. With teachers having divide their attention in class, it can be difficult for them to pick up on individual issues of their students. A private tutor on the other hand has every opportunity to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their student and maximise individual potential by working on what needs to be perfected.

Private tutors ensure students don’t fall behind even on school holidays. The summer holidays are a long period of time where students tend to turn away from their school work and focus on having fun. Whilst having time out is also important for studies, letting it gather dust altogether can be fatal for a student’s progression in the long run. Many return in the autumn to find that their efforts the year before have gone to waste as they struggled to retain the information. Having continuous sessions with a tutor ensures that your child will prevent learning loss. A couple hours a week is enough to keep your child’s brain engaged throughout the holidays. This ensures your child still gets their time off whilst making sure they are prepared when they go back to school in September.

Private tutors customise the learning to your child’s learning style. Learning style plays a huge role in how well your child will advance when it comes to their class work. Some learn best through visual aids, some prefer to listen and some prefer to take notes. However, at school, teachers do not have the time to customise the learning as each child learns differently. This means that some students are at risk of falling behind purely because the learning style used does not suit them. It is important to remember that the one size fits all mentality does not apply to learning. Private tutors have the ability to create tasks that work with your child’s learning style. Lessons can be tailored to work at a pace that your child is comfortable with in order to meet their needs and goals. It also gives your child the space and confidence to talk about their worries when it comes to school which is one of the biggest benefits of a private tutor.