Best Boarding Schools

Boarding schools refer to residential private schools where students reside during the academic year. A boarding school’s primary goal is to provide a nurturing setting where students can concentrate on their studies, develop, and reach their full potential. 

In truth, many students have been able to flourish in this setting where there is more than learning as there is also a rich culture of friendship, arts, athletics, and intellectual discourse. It is expected that pupils who attend boarding schools will excel as it is created with their growth and development at the center. 

Today’s boarding schools offer students many academic choices, from engineering, writing, and arts programs. Brown University is one of the leading Ivy League Universities that provide on-campus living options. However, despite many applicants, the Brown acceptance rate is exceptionally low.   

Another prestigious university that students dream of attending is the UPENN or the University of Pennsylvania. But like Brown, the UPENN acceptance rate is too low to accommodate a large number of enrollees.

Low acceptance rates from such top-tier universities might discourage incoming college students from enrolling in them. The good news is that they can always consider other prestigious private boarding schools in the United States like the Philips Exeter Academy, Phillips Academy Andover, Choate Rosemary Hall, and more.

Such boarding schools ready students for college by offering high-level courses to help them gain sufficient knowledge, study habits, and work ethic required for college. These campuses are a distraction-free environment that sets a clear structure to keep pupils focused on their studies. 

Learning instructors are also available on campus whenever a pupil requires their help. There are also frequent study sessions among students during weekends. Furthermore, sending students to boarding school can help them be more independent, which can aid them when transitioning to college and for those hoping tobe admitted to their dream university.

With the said benefits of boarding schools, it is easy to understand why many choose to pursue a boarding school education. However, there are many factors to consider before choosing one to determine which boarding school is the best. 

Read this infographic from Admission Sight discussing the comparison of the best boarding schools in the United States based on several criteria.