Helping Your Child Get into a UK University

A child progressing to the next level of their studies, by going into Higher Education in the UK, will need all the support they can hope to get. It can be a trying time for young adults and it’s why they should seek out all the support they need where they can. There are thankfully many support programmes in place for children to use while they’re in school, as well as clear paths for them to take.

Here in this guide from one of the top A Level Schools in the UK we will take a look at the ways you can help your child with their path to university and what they’ll need support in doing.

Give your child the intended path followed in school

Many schools will have a plan in place to help their students easily progress through to university. Almost all universities and schools will work with UCAS – an online system that processes all applications and exam grades for you.

All your child will need to do is follow the desired plan set out by schools and meet each deadline. For example, your child will need to write up a personal statement and add every subject they’ve studied at GCSE and at A Level.

Read over everything they submit

Letting your child pick it all up on their own can cause a lot of unwanted stress. It’s wise to oversee it all to make sure they’re in the right frame of mind throughout the process as it can potentially hinder their results. This helps ensure your child has their best shots at getting into university.

For instance, the personal statement part of your child’s application should be grammatically correct and truthful. It should also be relevant to the application and the subject your child will be studying. This should be checked over by you a few times before submitting.

Remind them of how they got there

Positive actions will help your child do well in their studies generally. Motivate them to do well in their A Levels, guide them through their studies and offer revision aids and support throughout their time studying. A Levels can be a very daunting time for a child so it’s important to keep them focused and energised. It’s also fair to get your child a few motivational rewards to keep them engaged along the way.

Provide a space for your child to revise

A Levels are known for their jump in difficulty. It requires a lot more focus and dedication, which is why your child will only be studying 3 – 4 subjects as opposed to 12 or more like they were previously.

Making a space for your child to learn in the best way will help them progress in a way that suits them. Set up a revision area for your child to work in, and get them any supplies they need such as past exam papers, workbooks, and writing materials.

In doing these things for your child, you’ll find that your child has got all the help they need in succeeding in both their A Levels and applying for their dream courses at university. Well worthy of a reward for your child when it’s all over!