The easiest method to Evaluate Classroom Technology For Mathematics

Recently there appears to obtain never-ending chatter, both web within the teacher’s lounge, regarding the easiest method to integrate classroom technology towards the elementary math curriculum. Whatever the kind of technology to obtain integrated (educational DVDs or videos, computers, the internet, interactive white-colored-colored board, etc.), the main question appears to obtain “How will you determine what is excellent instruction?”

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This can be a set of criteria will judge classroom technology for inclusion within the math curriculum. This is often, in no way, a whole list.

o Enables for hands-on interaction or activities

o Provides an atmosphere that fosters search for complex concepts

o Offers a way of concrete representation of abstract concepts

o Offers a means of students to collect data for use in problem-solving

o Motivates students to want to problem-solve

o Provides options for use of mathematical understanding and skills in significant ways

o Takes abstract mathematical concepts and means they are more visual

o Makes abstract mathematical concepts easier to know

o Enables for exploration and discovery associated with geometry

o Supports data analysis skills

o Enables for exploration and expression of understanding within the graphs and/or charts

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o Promotes mathematical social interaction and discussion

o Provides motivating skills practice

o Provides a structured learning atmosphere

o Provides introduced instruction

o Enables for self-directed learning

When looking for classroom technology, it is possible to become depressed by, and attracted to, the “features” in the computer programs, the exceptional imagery round the particular website, or possibly the background music in a educational video and individuals things May be important. However, it’s most critical to focus on the academic company’s tool being evaluated.

Regardless by what sort of classroom technology the instruction is delivered, whether it meets almost all within the criteria above, it’s most likely a great candidate for inclusion in your math curriculum.

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